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About Me


As a songwriter, I enjoy creating stories, performing to live audiences (even though I always get really nervous before each show) and bringing my songs to life in the studio. I never learned to play guitar or any other instruments, it has all developed from playing by ear after listening to artists like The Doors, Nico, Marc Almond, Julian Cope, Lloyd Cole and more recently The National, The Waeve and endless other stand out and unique artists taught me to play what I would want to hear. The process of writing songs for me begins with a nucleus of an idea that has been generated from a real life situation and then the other 95% is often imagined to keep the song interesting for me and ultimately the listener. I hope you enjoy my output. 

About Me

Currently based in Nottinghamshire, above all else I consider myself a songwriter, an artist and a performer (as apposed to a professional vocalist or musician). I am creative naturally, music is not just what I do, it's who I am and everything inspires me to write songs.


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