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New Songs... New Set... Live Performances .... Soon!

Rehearsing some songs for a return to the live circuit in the very near future. Some of the songs I am excited to play are "Crash", a song about being stuck in a 'difficult' relationship, "Wendy On A Wednesday" about a cross dressing office worker who has a secret life and "Pieces Of Stars" which revolves around the frustrations of a good human being that has lost the ability to feel anything emotionally, despite the desire to be ignited again. Hope to see you at the show(s).

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Pieces Of Stars

Just added the live acoustic version of my track Pieces of Stars on the videos page. Let me know what you think, hope you enjoy it! I find the older that I get the less I mind That Love has passed me


I am excited to be playing live at Curious Tavern on Weds December 2023 at 8.45pm. Hope to see some of you there!


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